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Land Surveying in Brisbane by Schlencker Surveying - All Surveying and Land Mapping, Town Planning and Land Surveying in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Rockhampton, Queensland
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Schlenker Land Surveying are experienced in all phases of information and data capture, land preparation and land presentation, using a range of tools such as GPS, Fully Robotic Theodolites, Map Land Info, AutoCAD and many others. The Schlencker Group has always been at the forefront of technology, being the first in Queensland to use GPS for cadastral land surveys. The use of data recorders and computerisation streamlines data capture, allowing information to be efficiently and accurately processed and displayed. Schlencker Land Surveying service all South East Queensland including Gold Coast, Brisbane and Rockhampton.

For all your Land Surveying, Land Mapping, Land Information and Town Planning services contact Schlencker Surveying Today!

Surveying Services:

  • General Surveying
  • Land Surveying Services
  • Land Mapping Services
  • Land Information Services
  • Town Planning

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